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The Evaluate IT Toolkit - we’re already using your feedback…

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We’ve been asking for feedback on the Evaluate IT Toolkit which helps organisations measure the impact of their digital engagement activity.  It’s been great to get lots of views and suggestions and we’re already taking some of what you said on board and making changes.

One of the issues we picked up on was that the Excel Template and instructions in Step Three of the toolkit were unclear to some users. We’ve tried to rectify this by adding some extra paragraphs to our report, and altering some of the formulas in our spreadsheet.

Click here to access the new versions.

If you have already completed Step Three and used the Excel sheet successfully, don’t worry! These changes don’t mean what you did before was wrong. We’ve simply tried to clarify what the numbers you’re left with mean, and when you should use our Excel Template.

If you’re looking to use the Excel Template with data that was not generated through using our Toolkit, you need to be very careful that the figures don’t lose meaning. Check out page 35 of our guide for further detail on this.

This change is the first step in reiterating our Evaluate IT Toolkit. We hope that it helps!

Let us know if you have been using the Toolkit- what do you think? How could we make it better?

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