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Introducing the Standardised Measures…

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Since its conception back in 2014, a focus for our Digital Engagement (formerly inclusion) Research Working Group has been to understand and develop the ways that digital engagement is measured and recorded in the UK.

To help address this, the Group began thinking about how we can standardise the measures used to benchmark and track digital engagement. As a result, Group member Dr Grant Blank of the Oxford Internet Institute has authored two papers looking at just that.

Dr Grant Blank of the Oxford Internet Institute

The first paper, ‘Benchmarking and tracking digital engagement in the UK’, sets out a selection of shared measures that can be used to track digital engagement. It covers the rationale for using those measures, providing a set of core and optional measures for use in a digital engagement setting.

The paper acts as ‘a template for benchmarking and tracking digital inclusion in the UK, and against which all digital inclusion activities can be evaluated at local project and programme levels’.

Secondly, ‘Survey Technical Guidance: Samples, Design and Analysis’, provides an insight into methods and technicalities of developing and analysing a survey. It takes you through the whole process, from working out sample sizes, to ordering questions, to administering your survey, to analysing and reporting methodologies.

You can access both of these papers on GOV.UK. Give them a read, try out the guidance.  What do you think?

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